Gujarat State Level All Exam Useful Important Questions And Answers

1) Hiraben Pathak, the first Gujarati writer to get a gold medal

 2) The first author of Karunaprasastipatra Kavya in Gujarati language – Dalpatram

 3) First Gujarati Newspaper – Mumbai Newspaper

 4) Commencement of the first evening court in Gujarat – 15/11/2009, Mirzapur

 5) The first television in Gujarat – in the 19th

 6) The first Gujarati novel of Gujarati literature – Karanghelo (18th, Nandshankar Mehta)

 7) The first essay in Gujarati literature – Bhoot essay (Dalpatram)

 8) The first social Gujarati novel in Gujarati literature – Sasu Vahuni Ladai (Mahipatram Nilkanth)

 9) The first Gujarati biography in Gujarati literature – Uttam Kapol (Karsandas)

 10) The first travel book in Gujarati literature – Bhavai (Mahipatram Nilkanth)

 11) The first Gujarati to become the Speaker of the Lok Sabha – Vasudev Ganesh Mavalankar

 12) The first Gujarati to become Governor – Mangalbhai Pakwasa (13th, Madhya Pradesh)

 13) The first playwright in Gujarati literature – Dalpatram (Lakshmi)

 14) Gujarat’s first Test cricketer – Ranjit Singhji (19th)

 15) The first actress in Gujarat Natak – Radha and Sona (13th)

 16) The first novelist in Gujarati literature – Nandashankar Mehta (18th)

 17) The first playwright in Gujarati literature – Premanand Bhatt

 18) The first Gujarati language poet – Dalpatram

 19) The first Gujarati to become the Deputy Prime Minister of India – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (18th)

 20) Supreme Court, Mumbai High Court’s first Gujarati – Nanabhai Haridas Kaniya

 21) Gujarat’s first cost accountant – Darshana Patel

 22) The first winner of Himachal Karyatra – Jayantbhai Shah

 23) Gujarat’s first woman Sherdalal – Heena Vora, Ahmedabad

 24) Gujarat’s first woman pilot – Roshan Pathan

 25) The first printing of Gujarat – Bhimji Parekh, Surat

 26) The first professor of Gujarat – Sunilbhai Kothari (12th)

 27) The first Gujarati writer to receive Gyanpith Award – Umashankar Joshi (18th)

 28) First Orphanage in Gujarat – Ahmedabad (13th)

 29) Gujarat’s first English trade center – Surat

 30) Beginning of the first English school in Gujarat – Ahmedabad (12th)

 31) The first satellite contact center in Gujarat – Ahmedabad (18th)

 32) Gujarat’s first industrial estate – Rajkot (in 150)

 33) Gujarat’s first girls polytechnic institute – Ahmedabad (12th)

 34) Gujarat’s first girls school – Maganbhai Karamchand, Ahmedabad

 35) Gujarat’s first Commerce College – HL Commerce College, Ahmedabad (12th)

 36) Gujarat’s first college – Gujarat College, Ahmedabad (12th)

 37) The first mineral oil in Gujarat – Lunej (13th)

 38) Gujarat’s first textile mill – Cotton Mill. Ahmedabad (in 150)

 39) Gujarat’s first textile mill (British) – Bharuch Cotton Mill, Bharuch (19th)

 40) Gujarat’s first agricultural university – Dantiwada (12th)

 41) The first Krishi Vidyalaya in Gujarat – Anand (12th)

 42) The first sugar co-operative factory in Gujarat – Bardoli (13th)

 43) Gujarati Computer – Tej-Sickler, Mumbai (13th)

 44) The first Gujarati language daily paper – Samachar Darpan (13th)

 45) The first Gujarati language newspaper – Kheda newspaper (13th)

 46) Gujarat’s first gliding club – Ahmedabad (13th)

 47) Gujarat’s first oil refinery – Coal

 48) The first plan to supply cooking gas through pipeline in Gujarat – Vadodara city

 49) The first woman Chief Secretary of Gujarat – Manjula Subramaniam

 50) Sayajirao Gaekwad first implemented in free and compulsory education in Gujarat – Amreli

 51) The first railway in Gujarat – between Uttaran and Ankleshwar in 181

 52) The first popular novel of Gujarati literature – Sorath Tara Vaheta Pani (Zaverchand Meghani)

 53) Establishment of the first radio station in Gujarat – Vadodara in 190

 54) The first assembly seats in Gujarat – 13

 55) The first comedy play of Gujarati literature – Mithyaabhiman (Jivram Bhatt)

 56) The first collection of Gujarati language poetry – Kavya Dohan (Dalpatram)

 57) The first perennial poem of Gujarati language – Neminath Chatunshpadika

 58) The first Chief Minister of Gujarat at a young age – Chimanbhai Patel

 59) The first orphanage to be started in Gujarat – 13th (Mahipatram)

 60) The first Gujarati biography in Gujarati literature – Uttam Kapol (Karsandas Mulji)

 61) The first military school in Gujarat – Balachhadi (Jamnagar)

 62) Beginning of the first library in Gujarat – 18th, (Surat)

 63) Gujarat’s first solar energy village – 13th Khandiya (Vadodara)

 64) In Gujarat’s first law college-12, Lallubhai Shah, Ahmedabad

 64) Gujarat’s first botanical garden – 13th Waghai, Dang

 65) In the first women’s government bank of Gujarat-18, Ahmedabad

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