1) Who was the composer of Jana Gana Man Rashtriya Geet?

 Ans: – Rabindranath Tagore

 2) What is the name of the wedding songs sung at weddings in Gujarat?

 Ans: – Firecrackers

 3) Dantiwada Dam is built on which river?

 Ans: – Banas river

 4) How many dams are there in Gujarat?

 Ans: – Five

 5) Where was the first oil field found in Gujarat?

 Ans: – Lunej

 6) Which district of Gujarat has the least population?

 Ans: – Kutch

 7) Which district of Gujarat has the highest population density?

 Ans: – Surat

 8) Which is the most populous district (in terms of number)?

 Ans: – Ahmedabad

 9) What is the rank of Gujarat among the states of India according to population?

 Ans: – Ninth

 10) In which part of Gujarat is the Union Territory of Diu located?

 Ans: – South Saurashtra

 11) How many talukas are there in Dang district?

 Ans: – 3 (Ahwa, Subir, and Waghai)

 12) What is Atira known for?

 Ans: – Textile research

 13) What are the two tributaries of Banas river?

 Ans: – Sipri and Balaram

 14) In which district is the fox bat district?

 Ans: – Amreli

 15) By what name is the semi-desert area west of Banaskatha district known?

 Ans: – Godha

 16) Which region produces the most cotton?

 Ans: – Kanampradesh

 17) Mordhar hills are in which district of Gujarat?

 Ans: – Bhavnagar

 18) Ship breaking industry is in which two ports in Gujarat?

 Ans: – Sachana and Alang

 19) Where is the IFFCO plant located in Gujarat?

 Ans: – In Kalol and Kandla

 20) Iqbalgarh Sanctuary of Gujarat is located in which district?

 Ans: – In Banaskantha district

 21) How many districts were there when Gujarat state was established?

 Ans: – 17

 22) What is the headquarters of Narmada district?

 Ans: – Rajpipla

 23) In which district is rice grown most in Gujarat?

 Ans: – Valsad

 24) Tankara is located in which district?

 Ans: – Morbi

 25) Banej polling station for only 1 voter falls under which constituency?

 Ans: – Wool

 26) Which lake is located in Dakor?

 Ans: – Gomati Lake

 27) Milk Sarita Dairy is in which city?

 Ans: – Bhavnagar

 28) Gujarat’s largest botanical garden is located in which district?

 Ans: – Dang Waghai

 29) Which place is known for its fusion of Hindu-Muslim religion and culture?

 Ans: – Pirana

 30) What is the wild donkey of Kutch called?

 Ans: – Horse

 31) Where is the Ashram of Swami Sachchidananda located in Gujarat?

 Ans: – Dantali

 32) Sametshikhar is a pilgrimage site of which religion?

 Ans: – Jain

 33) What is the name of Holi in Dangs?

 Ans: – Shigma

 34) In which district of Gujarat is the most cultivable land?

 Ans: – Banaskantha

 35) Which famous pilgrimage center of Gujarat is located in the Aravalli range?

 Ans: – Ambaji

 36) Merayo is a folk dance of which people?

 Ans: – Of Thakors of Vav taluka

 37) What is the highest peak of Girnar?

 Ans: – Gorakhnath

 38) In which region high quality grass grows?

 Ans: – Bunny

 39) Mirandatar is on the banks of which river?

 Ans: – Pushpavati

 40) Vagad area is in which district of Gujarat?

 Ans: – Kutch

 41) Mukteshwar Irrigation Scheme is on which river?

 Ans: – Saraswati

 42) Where is the tomb of Tanariri located?

 Ans: – Vadnagar

 43) Which river separates Wadhwan and Surendranagar?

 Ans: – Enjoy

 44) Vishwamitri river flows from which hill?

 Ans: – In Pavagadh

 45) Which was the first sugar factory established in Gujarat?

 Ans: – Bardoli

 46) Which is the longest river in Saurashtra?

 Ans: – Bhadar

 47) How many peaks are there in Girnar?

 Ans: – 5

 48) Where are the specimens of agate made?

 Ans: – Khambhat (Anand District)

 49) Which is the largest botanical garden of Gujarat?

 Ans: – In Waghai (Dang District)

 50) Ravechi fair is held in which taluka of Kutch?

 Ans: – Rapper

 51) Sumul Dairy is located in which city?

 Ans: – Surat

 52) Sipu is a river of which district?

 Ans: – Banaskatha

 53) What is the second highest peak of Gujarat?

 Ans: – Saputara

 54) Surkhabnagar is located in which district?

 Ans: – Kutch

 55) What is Fagwell known for?

 Ans: – Bhathiji’s temple

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