All Exam Important Question And Answer

All Exam Important Question And Answer

1) In which year Junagadh was declared a corporation by Gujarat government? 

Ans: – Year 2007 

2) Ghanshyambhai Ojha was the Chief Minister in which assembly? 

 Ans: – Fourth Assembly 

3) Which king of Maitrakvansh was majestic and popular? From what does this result? 

 Ans: – Rajagrihasen (from donation letters) 

4) Gandhinagar was made the capital of Gujarat during the time of which Chief Minister?

 Ans: – Hitendrabhai Desai

5) In which year did Balwant Mehta die in a plane crash during Indo-Pakistani war?

 Ans: – इ.स. In 18 

6) Compulsory primary education was introduced in the time of which Chief Minister? 

 Ans: – Jivraj Mehta 

7) Which dynasty of Maitrak dynasty is known as Dharmaditya? 

 Ans: – Shiladitya I

8) Which CM started Antyodaya Yojana for the poor?

 Ans: – Babubhai Patel 

9) Six new districts were created by reorganizing the districts under which Chief Minister? 

 Ans: – Shankarsinh Vaghela 

10) Who is the youngest Chief Minister of Gujarat ? 

 Ans: – Chimanbhai Patel

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