All Exam Important Question And Answer by Gujarat Government

All Exam Important Question And Answer by Gujarat Government

1) The district with the largest area in Gujarat ? 

Ans: – Kutch 

2) The highest producing district of Bajra in Gujarat ? 

Ans: – In Banaskantha 

3) The region between Banas and Saraswati river of Patan district ? 

Ans: – Wadhiyar 

4) The first district in Gujarat in wheat cultivation ? 

Ans: – Mehsana 

5) The district with the highest male literacy in Gujarat ? 

Ans: – Gandhinagar (4.5%) 

6) What is the headquarters of Sabarkantha district? 

Ans: – Himmatnagar

7) Mahatma Gandhi’s Samadhi place is located at __________. ? 

Ans: – Mahadev Gram (Aravalli) 

7) Where is the “Tribal Folk Art Museum” located? 

Ans: – Chhotaudepur 

8) What was the ancient name of Lunawada taluka? 

Ans: – Luneshwar 

9) In what year was Champaner declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO?

 Ans: – 2006 

10) What is the highest peak of Mandav hills? 

Ans: – Peak 

11) What is the highest peak of Jessore hills? 

Ans: – Arasur 

12) Which is the longest river in Gujarat? 

Ans: – Sabarmati 

13) Which is the largest river in Gujarat?

 Ans: – Narmada

14) Which is the district with most talukas in Gujarat? 

Ans: – Banaskantha 

15) Who is the author of “Ghar Gharni Jyot” Katar? 

Ans: – Humorous blue throat 

16) Zulhan Goswami is associated with which sport? 

Ans: – Cricket 

17) Who was the first woman Governor of Gujarat? 

Ans: – Mrs. Shardabahen 

18) Who was the first woman minister of Gujarat? 

Ans: – Indumati sister 

19) The river Pandya is associated with which region? 

Ans: – Parvat Rohan 

20) Where is Lucky Film Studio?

 Ans: – Halol 

21) What is the old name of Champaner?

 Ans: – Muhammadabad

22) Which river originates from Pavagadh hill? 

Ans: – Vishwamitri 

23) Where are the hot springs located in Pachmahal district? 

Ans: – Tuva 

25) Where is Davdam located? 

Ans: – Pachmahal 

26) Which tank is located in Champaner?

 Ans: – Trivenikund 

27) Which dairy is located in Godhra? 

Ans: – Digestive Dairy 

28) What is the ancient name of Dahod? 

Ans: – Dadhipatra and Dadhipuranagar 

29) Limkheda taluka is famous for which honey? 

Ans: – Kajeta 

30) Where is Dharamsinh Desai University located? 

Ans: – Nadiad

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