All Exam Important Question And Answer by Gujarat Government

All Exam Important Question And Answer by Gujarat Government

(1) Since when is the standard information of Gujarat history available? 

Ans: – From the time of Chandragupta Maurya or from the time of Maurya 

(2) According to the Puranas, Chandragupta Morya belonged to which caste? 
Ans: – Shudra 

(3) With whose help Chandragupta Maurya established power over Magadha? 
Ans: – Kautilya (Chanakya) 

(4) What was the original name of Kautilya? 
Ans: – Vishnugupta 

(5) In Buddhist and Jain scriptures, Chandragupta Morya is considered to be of which caste? 
Ans: – Kshatriya

(6) From whom did Chandragupta Maurya take initiation in Jainism? 
Ans: – Bhadrabahu 

(7) How long did the kingdom of Chandragupta Maurya extend to the south? 
Ans: – To Tapi river 

(8) Where did Chandragupta Maurya leave the body by fasting? 
Ans: – Shravan Belgola 

(9) Who was the National or Governor of Surashtra (Saurashtra) in the time of Chandragupta Maurya? 
Ans: – Pushyagupta Vaishya 

(10) Who built Sudarshan Lake? 
Ans: – Suba Pushpagupta of Chandragupta Maurya

(11) Sudarshan Setu (dam) was built on which river? 
Ans: – Suvarnarasikata 

(12) Which was the oldest dam in India? 
Ans: – Sudarshan Bandh 

(13) By what name does Justin describe Chandragupta? 
Ans: – Sandocts 

(14) From whom did Chandragupta get the kingdom? 
Ans: – From Dhanand, the king of Nandvansh 

(15) In which text of Megasthenes is information about Maurya dynasty found? 
Ans: – Idica

(16) Which Indian scripture is comparable to Aristotle’s ‘Politics’ and Mathiavali’s ‘Chris’? 
Ans: – Kautilya’s ‘Economics’ 

(17) Whose son was Bindusara? 
Ans: – Chandragupta Maurya 

(18) Whose minister was Chanakya (Kautilya)? 
Ans: – Chandragupta and Bindusara 

(19) In whose court did Dimax, the former ambassador of Syria, Antiochus, visit India? 
Ans: – Bindusara 

(20) The daughter of Seleucus, Alexander’s successor, married which Indian king? 
Ans: – Chandragupta Maurya

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