All Exam Important Question And Answer Part :02

All Exam Important Question And Answer Part :02

1) Which folk dance of Lean tribes of Surat district is well known?

  Ans: – Current dance 

2) In which field is the name of Ilakshi Thakor known?

  Ans: – Classical dance – Bharat Natyam 

3) In which field is the name of Vitthaldas Bapodra known?

  Ans: – Haveli music 

4) Which is the first Gujarati film to get international fame?

  Ans: – Kanku 

5) Pilgrimages along the Sabarmati coast of Ahmedabad are mentioned in which Purana?

  Ans: – Padmapuran

6) Where is the statue of Induchacha located in Ahmedabad?

  Ans: – At the end of Nehrubridge 

7) In which village of Gujarat did the ancestors of Muhammad Ali Zina live? 

  Ans: – Paneli 

8) Which Gujarati revolutionary was hanged in Singapore? 

  Ans: – Qasim Ismail Mansur 

9) Who was the first Gujarati to be martyred after being sentenced to black water? 

  Ans: – Garbaddas Mukhi

10) Bhagwaticharan Vohran’s ancestors who were martyred while testing bombs were from which city of Gujarat?

  Ans: – Vadnagar 

11) How many years did Gandhiji spend in jail during his lifetime? 

  Ans: – 11 years 

12) Who ran a magazine called ‘The Sword’ in Holland during the independence movement?

  Ans: – Madam Bhikhaiji Kama 

13) At the end of Dandikuch, the British government arrested Gandhiji from which village?

  Ans: – Karadi

14) Which pamphlet was Gandhiji running in South Africa?

  Ans: – Indian Opinion 

15) Gujarat Panchayat Bill was enacted during whose rule? 

  Ans: – Dr. Jivraj Mehta 

16) The Abolition of Temple Prize Act was passed during the rule of which Chief Minister?

  Ans: – Hitendrabhai Desai

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