All Exam Important Question And Answer Part :03

All Exam Important Question And Answer Part :03

1) Who is called the father of history. 

 Ans: – Herodos 

2) What is the time before a human being learns to read and write? 

 Ans: – Prague historical period 

3) Who is considered to be the first researcher in Gujarat? 

 Ans: – Robert Boots Fruit 

4) What fossils were first found in the world?

 Ans: – Dinosaur fossils 

5) Where were the remains of dinosaurs found ?

 Ans: – From Raiyali village of Balasinor taluka of Mahisagar district

6) Where were the oldest human bones and their remains found from India? 

 Ans: – Ladhanaj (Mehsana) 

7) What is the name of the system formed by 23 pairs of chromosomes in human body?

  Ans: – Chromosomes 

8) Which is the lightest air? 

 Ans: – Hydrogen 

9) What is the longest cell in the human body ?

 Ans: – Marrow cells 

10) Where was the first nuclear power reactor in India set up? 

 Ans: – Tarapur 

11) Who was the one who decreed the rules of heredity?

 Ans: – Charles Darwin

12) Who is the greatest surgical specialist in ancient India? 

 Ans: – Sushruta 

13) What is the total longitude. ??? 

 Ans: – 360 

14) What is the difference between two longitudes? ???

  Ans: – 4 minutes 

15) What is the distance between two longitudes near the equator. ??? 

 Ans: – 111 km 

16) What is the longest longitude? ???

  Ans: – 120 ° longitude 

17) Where 180 was advertised. ??? 

 Ans: – Washington 

18) What is the full name of lDL? 

 Ans: – International date line

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