All Exam Important Question Part:-01

All Exam Important Question Part:-01

1) Which Y is required in the production of carbonic acid? Answer: Carbon dioxide 

2) What is the molecular formula of carbonic acid? Answer: H2CO3 

3) What is the chemical name of washing soda? Answer: Sodium carbonate 

4) What is the chemical name of baking soda?

Answer: Sodium bicarbonate 

5) What is the chemical formula of baking soda? 

Answer: NaHCO3

6) What is the chemical formula of washing soda? 

Answer: Na2CO3 

7) Which gas makes limestone water milky? 

Answer: Carbon dioxide 

8) Which gas is dissolved in cold drinks like soda water? 

Answer: Carbon dioxide 

9) What is the solid form of carbon dioxide called? 

Answer: Dry ice 

10) What is the chemical name of marble? 

Answer: Calcium carbonate

11) What can be used instead of calcium carbonate to make carbon dioxide gas? 

Answer: Sodium carbonate 

12) Which gas is the lightest gas? 

Answer: Hydrogen 

13) Which gas is combustible? 

Answer: Hydrogen 

14) Which physical property is true for hydrogen? 

Ans: Combustible 

15) Which gas is used as fuel and to get electricity? 

Answer: Hydrogen

16) Which gas is useful in a balloon used to study the atmosphere above the air? 

Answer: Hydrogen 

17) Which gas is produced by heating a solution of ammonium chloride and sodium nitrite?

Answer: Nitrogen 

18) What happens when nitrogen dioxide is treated with gaseous water? 

Answer: Nitric acid 

19) Which gas reduces the activity of oxygen in air? 

Answer: Nitrogen 

20) Which gas is used to create an inert atmosphere? 

Answer: Nitrogen

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