All Exam Important Questions And Answer 2021

All Exam Important Questions And Answer 2021

1) Which ashram was first established by Gandhiji for the freedom movement?

 Ans: Kocharab Ashram

 2) Who is the author of the play ‘Pencil Color and Candle’?

 Ans: Adil Mansuri

 3) By what other name is Kirtitoran of Vadnagar known?

 Ans: Thieves of Narasimha Mehta

 4) The Tarnetar fair is associated with which event of Mahabharata?

 Ans: Draupadi Swayamvara

 5) Which college was first started in Gujarat?

 Ans: Gujarat College-Ahmedabad-18

 6) Whom did Gandhiji call the pearl of Charotar?

 Ans: Motibhai Amin

 7) Name the famous playwright Jaishankar Sundari.

 Ans: Jaishankar Bhojak

 8) In which folk dance in Gujarat, a stick is thrown on the ground?

 Ans: Comment

 9) Saputara is located in which mountain range?

 Ans: Sahyadri

 10) Jafarabadi breed of which animal is bred in Gujarat?

 Ans: Buffalo

 11) Kanaiyalal Munshi’s stereotyped ideology is manifested in which social drama?

 Ans: Uncle Shashi

 12) The large desert area on the northern border of Kutch forms which town at the end of monsoon?

 Ans: Surkhab Nagar

 13) Which of these places in Junagadh is famous for its ancient Buddhist caves?

 Ans: Overcoat

 14) What is the original name of Sneharashmi?

 Ans: Jinabhai Desai

 15) Which organization was set up to boycott government education in English times?

 Ans: Gujarat University

 16) What is the English name of the bird or water fire bird that flies high in the sky from morning till night?

 Ans: Sky Lark

 17) Which award is given by the Government of Gujarat for the best contribution in the field of language, literature, history, art and culture?

 Ans: Ranjitram Gold Medal

 18) In which city of Gujarat is the factory for making viscose filament yarn from wood located near Surat?

 Ans: Udhana

 19) Name the singer who composed the folk songs of Zaverchand Meghani.

 Ans: Hemu Gadhvi

 20) Where in Gujarat is the seismic laboratory available?

 Ans: Bhuj

 21) What is the best place to visit in Uparkot in Junagadh?

 Ans: Adi Kadini Vav

 22) Where is Ashapura’s Madh located?

 Ans: Kutch

 23) Poet Dalpatram took initiation from which saint of Swaminarayan sect?

 Ans: Bhumananda Swami

 24) Who called Rani Sipri’s Mosque the ‘Jewel of Ahmedabad’?

 Ans: James Ferguson

 25) Which Jyotirlinga in Gujarat has the largest Shivling among the Baray Jyotirlingas?

 Ans: Somnath

 26) Who were the Gujarati revolutionaries who started the revolutionary movement abroad?

 Ans: Sardar Singh Rana

 27) Who founded Anhilpur Patan?

 Ans: Vanraj Chawda

 28) Manjiranritya is a special folk dance of which people living in Bhalkantha?

 Ans: Pandhar

 29) What is Mithapur famous for?

 Ans: Tata Chemicals Industry

 30) When was Gujarat Tourism Corporation established?

 Ans: इ.स. 13

 31) Which of the following Hindi poetry works is not Akha?

 Ans: Narasimha Mahyaro

 32) Who started the first radio station in Gujarat?

 Ans: Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad

 33) Who was the first Gujarati to start a printing press?

 Ans: Durgaram Mehta

 34) How much area of ​​Gujarat has wetland?

 Ans: 2,000 sq. Km. Km.

 35) Who is the author of the poem ‘Gurjari Bhu’?

 Ans: Sundaram

 36) State the time of Mahagujarat movement for an independent Gujarat state.

 Ans: 15 to 120

 37) Ramanlal v. Where was Desai born?

 Ans: Shinor

 38) Which institute was established for the study and research of Gujarati language literature?

 Ans: Social and Literary Association

 39) Which Mataji’s temple is located on the hill of Chotila?

 Ans: Chamunda Mata

 40) Who is the author of the award winning book ‘Vyakit Ghadtar’ by Gujarat Government?

 Ans: Father Wallace

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