All Exam Important Questions And Answer 2021

All Exam Important Questions And Answer 2021 

1) What is history?

 – Social Science

2) Who is at the center of history?

 – Human

3) What is the oldest document in human history?

 – Rig Veda

4) Who wrote the book Economics?

 – Kautilya

5) Who wrote the book Indica?

 – Megasthenes

6) Who is the author of the book ‘Rajatarangini’?

 – Poet Kalhan

7) In which year did the Turks conquer Constantinople?

 – Is. 13

8) Which author introduced new thinking?

 – Voltaire (French thinker)

9) By what name is the religious literature of Vedic age known?

 – Vedic literature

10) In which Veda are the mantras of magic and charm?

 – Arthavveda

11) How many Puranas are there?

 – 12

12) Who is the author of ‘Ramayana’?

 – Valmiki

13) Who is the author of ‘Mahabharata’?

 – Veda diameter

14) By what name is the teaching given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna on the battlefield known?

 – Bhagavad Gita

15) In which language are the scriptures of Jainism written?

 – Ardhamagadhi and Sanskrit

16) What are the sacred texts of Jainism?

 – Kalpasutra and 3 arrivals

17) What are the sacred texts of Buddhism?

 – Tripitaka

18) Who is the author of Panchatantra and Hitopadesh stories?

 – Pandit Vishnu Sharma

19) What are the important tools in the relics?

 – Coins

20) Which Buddhist pilgrim came to India in the year 215 AD?

 – Sungyun

21) At what age did you come to India with UN?

 – Only 3 years old

22) Who is the last Chinese pilgrim in India?

 – Itsing

23) which book of Fahiyan is the Jahojalali of India found?

 – Fo-Kwoki

24) Who was the originator of evolution?

 – Charles Darwin


25) What is the premature age called?

 – Prague historical era

 26) By what name is the period after the art of script writing known?

 – Neolithic age

27) Where was the first copy-human skeleton found?

 – Packing (China)

28) What is the first step of human civilization?

 – Ancient Stone Age

29) Stone Age weapons are believed to be made of

 – From quartzite rock from Gujarat

30) Why did humans live permanently?

 – Due to farming

31) What is the name of the group of huts built in the lake?

 – Sarovargram

32) What was the first development of a large state system?

 – Egypt

33) Which era started after the Neolithic Age?

 – Metal Age

34) Which metal was first discovered by humans?

 – Gold

35) What was the last metal found by humans?

 – Iron

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