All Exam Important Questions And Answer 2021

All Exam Important Questions And Answer 2021

 1) The book titled ‘Jubilee of Cricket’ is written on which cricketer?

 Ans: Jam Ranjit Singh

 2) By what name is the region known as ‘Dandakaranya’ in ancient times known in modern Gujarat?

 Ans: Dang

 3) Which book did Ravi Shankar Maharaj deliver from house to house for the fight for Swaraj?

 Ans: Hind Swaraj

 4) What was discovered by Brahmagupta who was born in Bhinnamal which was once a part of Gujarat?

 Ans: Zero

 5) Which full moon night festival is celebrated in Raliyamana desert of Kutch?

 Ans: Sharad Purnima

 6) Which city is known as the largest center of cumin and anise trade in Gujarat?

 Ans: Unza

 7) Which poet has experimented with liquefying the earth verse?

 Ans: Balwantrai c. Thakor

 8) Which player from Gujarat has successfully played the role of coach of Indian cricket team?

 Ans: Anshuman Gaekwad

 9) Which is the largest port in Saurashtra?

 Ans: Okha

 10) What is the famous place for weightlifting in Gujarat?

 Ans: Savarkundla

 11) What is the favorite food of bears?

 Ans: Locust

 12) The name of Pipavav port is associated with the name of which royal saint of Gujarat?

 Ans: Saint Pipaji

 13) What work did Zaverchand Meghani compose after seeing the corpse of a martyred freedom fighter?

 Ans: Pride of death

 14) Where did Ashtavakra Muni compose the Gita expressing his opinion?

 Ans: Prabhas Patan

 15) Where is the first Nature Education Center of Gujarat?

 Ans: Hingolgarh

 16) Who led the separate formation of Mahagujarat?

 Ans: Indulal Yagnik

 17) In which book of Mahatma Gandhi is the incident of Satyagraha against the apartheid policy of the British?

 Ans: History of Satyagraha in South Africa

 18) Who created the term ‘Ram Ramakadu Jadiyu Re, Ranaji!…’?

 Ans: Mirambai

 19) Which chess player from Gujarat was the first to win the Women’s International Masters?

 Ans: Dhyani Dave

 20) Which ancient temple is located in Bhujia fort of Bhuj?

 Ans: Bhujang Temple

 21) Which Gujarati was honored to be the Chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Vienna)?

 Ans: Dr. Madhukar Mehta

 22) The daughter of which prince of Gujarat is married to Shammikpur?

 Ans: Daughter of Krishnakumar Sihji of Bhavnagar

 23) Where is the ‘Gas Cracker Plant’ located in Gujarat?

 Ans: Hazira

 24) When did television start in Gujarat?

 Ans: 15th August, 19th

 25) Who founded the Eklavya Archery Academy?

 Ans: Dinesh Bhil

 26) Who built the Mahatma Gandhi Kirti Mandir in Porbandar?

 Ans: Nanji Kalidas Mehta

 27) Who is considered as the ‘Father of Fiction’ in Gujarati literature?

 Ans: Poet Bhalan

 28) ‘Akhil Brahmandam Ek Tu Shri Hari Om’ – Whose position is this?

 Ans: Narasimha Mehta

 29) Who established Panchmahal Bhil Sevamandal?

 Ans: Thakkarbapa

 30) The festival of Shivratri is going to bring a radical change in the life of which Panota son of Gujarat?

 Ans: Swami Dayanand Saraswati

 31) Where did the de-addiction campaign first start?

 Ans: Kanoria Hospital-Gandhinagar

 32) Where is the Palli festival celebrated on the day of Noam during Navratri?

 Ans: Rupal

 33) Who is the only player to win all categories and all games in Gujarat Chess Open State Championship?

 Ans: Sphere Parikh

 34) Who is known as ‘Adi Vivachak’ in Gujarati literature?

 Ans: Navalram

 35) The famous medieval poet Bhalna translated the prose of which Sanskrit text by Mahakavi Banabhatta?

 Ans: Novel

 36) Ambaji Tirth is located in which mountain range?

 Ans: Aravalli

 37) Which place in Gujarat ranks first in the country in the production of diesel motors?

 Ans: Rajkot

 38) Where is the thermal power station of Gujarat located?

 Ans: Ukai

 39) What is the largest hospital in Asia?

 Ans: Civil Hospital-Ahmedabad

 40 (Which region of Gujarat is known as ‘Garden of Gujarat’?

 Ans: Central Gujarat

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