All Exam Important Questions And Answers 2021

All Exam Important Questions And Answers 2021

(1) Who was the founder of Vijayanagar Empire? – Harihar I.

 (2) Which foreign traveler visited Vijayanagar during the reign of Devaraya I? – Niccolo Conti

 (3) Which foreign pilgrims visited Vijayanagar during the time of Krishnadevaraya? – Edwardo Barboso and Pius

 (4) Who was the famous ‘Ashtadiggaj’ in the time of Krishnadevaraya? – A group of eight poets

 (5) Which book was written by Krishnadevaraya? – Amutkamalyada

 (6) What titles did Krishnadevaraya hold? – Andhrabhoja, Andhrapitamah, Abhinavabhoja

 (7) What was the best coin of Vijayanagar period? – Pig

 (8) Which dance tradition of South India was first developed during the Vijayanagar period? – Sacrifice

 (9) Which temples were built by Krishnadevaraya? – Hazara Temple, Temple of Vitthal Swami, Nagalpur Nagar

 (10) What is the best painting style of Vijayanagar carpet? – From the bird

 (11) By what name is the ancient Vijayanagar now known? – Hampi

 (12) Who minted coins in the shape of Lakshmi? – Mohammed Ghori

(13) Which sultan translated Sanskrit texts into Persian? – Feroz Tughlaq

 (14) Who was the originator of ‘Qawwali’ in Indian music? – Amir Khushro

 (15) Which book was written by Ziauddin Bernie in praise of Feroze Tughlaq? – Dated Feroze Shahi, Fatwa is Jahangiri

 (16) Whose is the first octagonal tomb built in Delhi? – Khan Jaha Telangani

 (17) Which language was granted asylum by the Turkish sultans? – Persian

 (18) What are the famous works of Amir Khushro? – Khazainul Fatuh, Ashika, Tughlaq Nama, Noah Sipekar, Laila-Majnu

 (19) Which sultan gave money to poor farmers for the development of agriculture which is called ‘Sondhar’? – Muhammad bin Tughlaq

 (20) Which sultan abolished the 3 taxes imposed by his predecessors and imposed 3 taxes based on cushions? – Feroz Tughlaq

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