Lrd Exam IPC Revision

lrd exam ipc revision notes The  most important revision of LRd exam IPC revision Download for cover more mark in ipc smart notes.   The government has been issue the call letter of lock rashak dal (lrd) police secondary exam dated on 10..4..22 students has been passed out from physically exam is eligible for this … Read more

Talati And Police Constable Mock Test – 3

Talati Online Mock Test for Free Gujarat Police Constable Online Mock Test Free for the preparation of the Gujarat Police Constable Exam 2022. Give Gujarat Police Constable online mock test for students preparing for Gujarat Police Constable. It will help you to pass Gujarat Police Constable 2022 exam with great success.   Police Constable Online … Read more

Forest exam material | Forest exam test

Forest exam test Questions Series ‌‌‌‌-  વનરક્ષક Gyan Sarthi IMP Test Series No.02 Information about wildlife and flora – વન્ય જીવો તથા વનસ્પતિ વિશે માહિતી Subject :- Forest Exam Question – વનરક્ષક Instructions This Test Series :- Test Language :- Gujarati Total Number Of Questions :- 14 Total Marks :- 28 Create By Team :- Gyan Sarathi Loading… નોધ :- ટેસ્ટ આપ્યા … Read more

History questions asked in previous exams । પરીક્ષામાં પૂછાયેલા ઇતિહાસ પ્રશ્નો

History Questions Test Series | Talati And Police Mock Test – 1 History questions are asked in all types of examinations conducted by the Government of Gujarat. We have included 20 questions of the questions which were asked in the previous papers in this Gyan Sarthi Test. Gyan Sarthi IMP Test Series History questions asked in … Read more