Exam Useful information for Gujarat Folk Dance

Exam Useful information for Gujarat Folk Dance

(1) Awake dance

 -> Dance performed on the occasion of Janoi, Shrimant or Navratri by placing Jawara on the side.

 (2) Merayo dance

 -> There is a folk dance of Thakoras of Banaskantha.

 (3) Handkerchief dance

 -> Thakor of Mehsana district dances with handkerchief on the occasion of Holi and fair.

 (4) Charkhi dance

 -> Porbandar is a dance of Mer people.

 (5) Dungardev dance

 -> Dang is a folk dance of the tribals.

 (6) Goff Gunthan Ras

 -> Dance of Koli and Kanbi of Saurashtra in which a beautiful knit of colored rope is filled and solved with dance.

 (7) Rasada

 -> Dance performed by men of Saurashtra on religious and social occasions.

 (8) Dandiya Raas

 -> Dance of Saurashtra men and especially Mer men.

 (9) Saurashtra’s commentary dance

 -> Shramahari dance of Koli sisters of Chorwad, as well as dance of Kharvan sisters.

 (10) Proud

 -> During Navratri, women join in dance songs, Sangh dances, sometimes men join in the worship of Mataji.

 (11) Pride

 -> Sangh dance is often performed by men for pride.

 (12) Hinch dance

 -> Gagar Hinch dance is popular in Bhal region and Kathiawar.

 -> On the occasion of marriage, the drum is danced to the beat of the drum.

 -> Hinch dance is also done with a plate or a pot in hand.

 (13) Manjira dance of Padharo

 -> Sanghanrutta performed by Bhal-Nalkantha Padharo with the sublime rhythm of Manjira.

 (14) Shepherds’ heads and hoods

 -> The shepherds of Saurashtra do dok ras with paronas or paronis in their hands while in hooda ras the shepherds and the shepherds dance to the beat of drums with the rhythm of hands and feet.

 (15) Thaga dance

 -> Thakoras of North Gujarat, especially on the occasion of Holi festival, dance with dhoka and swords in hand.

 (16) Vanzara’s Holi dance

 -> Marwaris living in Gujarat play a big mridang on the shoulders of men during Holi and women dance with handkerchiefs in their hands.

 (17) Dholo Rano

 -> Koli of Gohelwad diocese do this dance when they come to the crop field.

 (18) Chilled dance

 -> On the occasion of marriage, the sisters of the Turi community dance without gesturing, by gestures about hands.

 (19) The tumultuous dance of the CDs

 -> This dance is performed by the Muslim Sidi people who are also of African origin and settled in Gujarat. This dance is performed with Mushira (big drum), Dhamal (small drum) and women’s instrument ‘Miami Saran’.

 (20) Vanzara’s Beda dance

 -> Vanzari dances with seven rafts on her head.

 (21) Current dance

 -> Surat is a tribal folk dance.

 (22) Gheria dance

 -> is a folk dance of the tribals of South Gujarat.

 (23) The war dance of the Bhils of Panchmahal

 -> The Bhil tribes of Panchmahal dance with Rakhi Chichiyaripadi with arrows, spears etc.

 (24) Tur-dance of the halpatis

 -> Halpati tribes of South Gujarat dance on the occasion of wedding or Holi festival by playing a bronze plate with a wooden stick.

 (25) Mandva dance

 -> Tadavi is a folk dance of tribals of Vadodara district.

 (26) Sword dance of the tribes

 -> Tribal men of Dahod area dance wearing white fento on their heads, wearing black hinges on their bodies, tying bukani and carrying swords.

 (27) Hunting dance

 -> The tribals of Dharampur area hunt and dance with dekara-padkara as if they were going hunting with a spear and a spear.

 (28) ‘Chalo’ dance of the tribals of Dang district

 -> The Dangi dance of the tribals of Dang district is known as ‘Chalo’.

 (29) Aaleni-haleni dance

 -> The seasonal dance of Tadvi caste tribal girls of Vadodara district.

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