General Knowledge Questions of Gujarat State

General Knowledge Questions of Gujarat State

1) At the time of merger of the native kingdoms, which king first ceded the kingdom to India? 

 Ans: – Rajvi Krishnakumar Singhji of Bhavnagar

2) Where is the only lock gate in Gujarat located?

 Ans: – Bhavnagar

3) When did Jamrawal establish Nawanagar Which is now known as Jamnagar? 

 Ans: – In 1540 AD

4) Where is Reliance Industries, the largest grassroots oil refinery in Gujarat located?

 Ans: – In coins of Jamnagar district

5) What are the things of Jamnagar known all over the world? 

 Ans: – Kanku, Mesh and Binding

6) Bardo Dungar on the border of Jamnagar and Porbandar? 

 Ans: – Zandu Bhattaji

6) In which Baladhan temple of Jamnagar district has Ramadhun been running continuously since which year?

 Ans: – Since 1964

7) In which village of Junagadh did Sahajanand Swami take initiation from Guru Ramanand Swami?

 Ans: – Lodge village

7) What is the real name of K. Lal Jadugar of Amreli district? 

 Ans: – Kantilal Vora

8) Which region of Porbandar is known for groundnut production?

 Ans: – Sheep territory

9) Where is the Himalayan cement industry known for its white cement located?

 Ans: – Ranavav (Porbandar)

10) Which district of Gujarat has the largest number of islands?

 Ans: – Devbhoomi Dwarka

11) Where is Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas located in Gujarat?

 Ans: – Dwarka

12) Which city is famous for making Mangalore pipes?

 Ans: – Morbi

13) The port of Surat was known as the gateway to Mecca during the Mughal rule. Which was also referred to by any other name? 

 Ans: – Closed as Mubarak, Mecca-e-Bandar, Babylon as Mecca and Mecca

14) Surat is also known as ‘Diamond City’ as well as _____? 

 Ans: – Dilbahar Nagari

15) Where was the first sugar factory established in Gujarat?

 Ans: – Bardoli

16) What was the ancient name of Bharuch?

 Ans: – Bhrigutirtha

17) In which village of Bharuch district are the deras of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law located?

 Ans: – Kavi village of Jambusar taluka

18) The Dandi route starting from Ahmedabad has been declared as Dandi Heritage Route which has been given which National Highway Number? 

 Ans: – 228 (New Highway No.-64)

19) Which district of Gujarat is known as Mini Kashmir?

 Ans: – Narmada

20) Which painting of Dang district is well known?

 Ans: – Worli

21) Where are the Kher trees useful for making katho?

 Ans: – In Vyara (Tapi district)

22) Which village of Tapi district is known for its co-operative society activities?

 Ans: – Valod

23) Where is the fort built by Piljirao Gaekwad located in Tapi district?

 Ans: – Songadh

24) In which village of Valsad district was the first Gujarati Prime Minister Morarji Desai born?

 Ans: – Bhadeli

25) In which district did Dharasana Satyagraha take place after Dandikucha?

 Ans: – Valsad

26) Which district is known as the garden of South Gujarat?

 Ans: – Valsad

27) Which village is considered as the last station of Gujarat?

 Ans: – Umargam

28) Where is the last check post of Gujarat border located?

 Ans: – Bhilad R.T.O. (Valsad)

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