Geography of Gujarat – – General Knowledge Quiz

Geography of Gujarat – – General Knowledge Quiz

1) Which bird is known in Gujarat as well as all over India which attracts females during breeding season based on the intricate structure of its nest – Sugari

 2) Gujarat is known in Puranas and epics by what name – known as Anart region

 3) In which direction is Gujarat located in India – West

 4) Gujarat is connected to many other states by land – three

 5) The state of Gujarat was established by whom – Ravi Shankar Maharaj

 6) Which region of Gujarat is known as ‘Garden of Gujarat’? – Central Gujarat

 7) What is the total forest area of ​​the state of Gujarat: 12,9.51 sq. Km

 8) How many states of Gujarat are associated with the borders of the state of India – three

 9) On what day was the state of Gujarat established – May 1, 1960

 10) When was the state of Gujarat established – as a separate state from Mumbai on 1/5/1960

 11) What is the total area of ​​Gujarat State – 1.96 lakh sq. Km.

 12) Gujarat ranks in India in terms of population? – Tenth

 13) In which of the 5 districts of Gujarat, panther is found in forest areas? – Forest area of ​​12 districts

 14) Other Airports in Gujarat – Rajkot, Bhuj, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Vadodara, Keshod, Porbandar, Surat, Kandla

 15) Which circle passes through the northern part of Gujarat? – Cancer

 16) In which sanctuary of Gujarat are bears found? – Jessore

 17) Which Gujarat economist was the director of London School of Economics? – Dr. I. G. Patel

 18) Which wheat of Gujarat is famous? – Bhaliya wheat grown in Bhal area (Daudkhani)

 19) Which district of Gujarat has the longest coastline? – Jamnagar

 20) Which district of Gujarat has the highest number of dairy cattle? – Anand

 21) In which district of Gujarat does the river Narmada meet the Gulf of Khambhat? – Bharuch

 22) Teak is abundant in which district of Gujarat? – Dang

 23) Teak wood is abundant in which district of Gujarat? – Valsad

 24) Surkhabnagar is formed in which district of Gujarat? – Kutch

 25) Which scenic port of Gujarat has been developed as a fee trade zone? : Kandla

 26) Which peninsula in Gujarat is shaped like a tortoise’s back? Saurashtra

 27) Which dam in Gujarat is considered as a ‘mega project’? : Ukai off

 28) In which two cities of Gujarat seismograph is kept? : Rajkot and Vadodara

 29) Camels are sold in which fair of Gujarat? Katyok

 30) The name of Pipavav port is associated with the name of which royal saint of Gujarat? : Saint Pipaji

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