GTU Percentage Calculator | SPI/CPI/CGPA to Percentage (%)

Gujarat Technological University – GTU Percentage Calculator, Convert SPI CPI CGPA to Percentage (%). Calculate Percentage (%) from SPI, CPI or CGPA.

Full form of SPI / CPI / CGPA:

  • SPI: Semester Percentage Index
  • CPI: Cumulative Performance Index
  • CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average

GTU SPICPICGPA To Percentage Calculator

  GTU CPI / CGPA to Equivalent Class: Click Here


We can calculate percentage (%) from CPI/CGPA/SPI. SPI/CPI/CGPA is mentioned in marksheet. Student have to enter SPI/CPI/CGPA and percentage will be calculated by using following formula. Same formula is used to calculate percentage from CPI or SPI or CGPA. Student may be required to find percentage to fill up the forms for scholarship (MYSY), Education loan etc.

% = (( SPI CPI CGPA) – 0.5) * 10

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