Gujarat General Knowledge questions and answers important for all exams

Gujarat General Knowledge questions and answers important for all exams

1) Who founded Sikhism?

 Ans: – Guru Nanak

 2) Which Sikh Guru agitated against Satipratha, Parda Pratha?

 Ans: – Guru Agad

 3) Which Sikh Guru founded Amritsar in 1577 AD?

 Ans: – Guru Ramdas

 4) Who gave land to Guru Ramdas to establish Amritsar

 Ans: – Akbar

 5) Sikh Guru who built the Golden Temple and composed the ‘Adi Granth’

 Ans: – Guru Arjundev

 6) Which Sikh Guru founded Jazaru sect, established Akal Takht and fortified Amritsar?

 Ans: – Guru Hargovind

 7) Which Sikh Guru founded the Khalsa Panth?

 Ans: – Guru Gobind Singh

 8) Who made Lahore his capital by conquering it in 1799?

 Ans: – Maharaja Ranjit Singh

 9) Which Guru of Sikhism was hanged by Jahangir?

 Ans: – To Guru Arjundev

 10) Which Sikh guru was hanged by Aurangzeb for not accepting Islam?

 Ans: – Guru Teg Bahadur

 11) What is the name of Gandhiji’s house in Mumbai?

 Ans: – Manibhavan

 12) Who is considered the ‘spiritual heir’ of Gandhiji

 Ans: – At Vinoba price

 13) Gandhiji lived according to which scripture he brought to life

 Ans: – Gita

 14) In which city did Gandhiji shave his head forever and adopt potty in his attire?

 Ans: – Madurai

 15) In the book ‘In the Shadow of the Mahatma: A Personal Memory’, which businessman describes his experiences with the Mahatma?

 Ans: – DG Birla

 16) Who instructed Gandhiji to keep the symbol of freedom movement ‘Chakra’?

 Ans: – Gagaben Majumdar

 17) Mahatma Gandhi’s tomb is located on the banks of which river

 Ans: – Yamuna

 18) Which train was started by the railway department to travel to places connected with Gandhiji’s life, Kavan and Satyagraha?

 Ans: – Gandhi Darshan train

 19) Who was the first Chinese pilgrim to visit India?

 Answer: Fahian

 20) In which state was Adi Shankaracharya born?

 Answer: Kerala

 21) Who established the Gupta dynasty in India?

 Answer: Srigupta

 22) In which Veda do we get information about medicinal plants

 Answer: Rig Veda

 23) Where did Mahavira Swami attain Nirvana?

 Answer: Pavapuri

 24) Who founded the Haryakvansh?

 Ans: Bimbisar

 25) Where did Muni create Sankhya Darshan?

 Ans: Kapil Muni

 26) Who started the Gurmukhi script?

 Answer: Guru Ramdas

 27) Which monastery was first established by Shukracharya?

 Ans: Shrugeri Math

 28) Who completed the construction of Qutub Minar?

 Answer: Iltumish

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