Gujarat State Level All Exam Important Questions And Answers

Gujarat State Level All Exam Important Questions And Answers

1) Which test has been introduced by the Union Ministry of Health for people suffering from HIV / AIDS?

 Ans: – Viral load test

 2) What year has the Government of India decided to declare 2018?

 Ans: – National Millet Year

 3) What is the name of Ambedkar Jayanti on April 14, 2018?

 Ans: – Social Justice Day

 4) Who started the National e-Mobility Program?

 Ans: – Ministry of Energy and Renewable Energy

 5) What is the purpose of National e-Mobility Program?

 Ans: – To increase the demand for electric vehicles

 6) Which is the first district in the country to have 100% solar powered health center

 Ans: – Surat

 7) Which ministry in Jammu and Kashmir organizes “Watan Ko Jaano” program?

 Ans: – Union Home Ministry

 8) Which country has launched Education Impact Bond for India?

 Ans: – Britain દ્વારા by Prince Charles

 9) Asmita scheme was started by which state to provide sanitary pads at affordable prices?

 Ans: – Maharashtra

 10) Give full name of bank related swift?

 Ans: – society for world wide interbank financial telecommunication

 11) For which year did the Government of India extend the flow rate waiver scheme of solar energy and wind energy?

 Ans: – March 2022

 12) What is the full name of e-name?

 Ans: – electronic national agriculture market

 13) What platform has been announced by the Government of India to provide remunerative prices to farmers on agricultural products?

 Ans: – e-name

 14) What is the full name of li-fi technique?

 Ans: – Light difeliti

 15) Which ambulance service has been started by the Government of Gujarat in all the districts for inter-hospital transfers to alleviate the crisis of emergencies of newborns?

 Ans: – Neonatal Ambulance Service

 16) What is the name given to the hour in which the Gujarat government provides emergency treatment in the first hour of an accident to save lives?

 Ans: – Golden Hour

 17) Gujarat government will open a wellness center for Ayurveda tourism in which places?

 Ans: – Ambaji, Devbhoomi Dwarka, Somnath, Saputara, Palitana, Mandvi (Kutch), Navsari, Tithal, Valsad, Vadnagar.

 18) How much assistance will be given to first time pregnant and lactating mothers under Pradhan Mantri Matruvandana Yojana?

 Ans: – 5,000, five thousand rupees

 19) How many dairy cattle farms will be provided by the Gujarat government to attract youth in the field of animal husbandry?

 Ans: – 13

 20) How much capital subsidy will be given by Gujarat government against loans up to Rs. 3 lakh in industry, service and trade?

 Ans: – 50% to 60%

 21) Which scheme of Gujarat government benefits about 150 lakh students of the state?

 Ans: – Mukhyamantri Yuva Swavalamban Yojana

 22) In which city will the questions of the people’s representatives as well as the citizens be resolved in one place and for ease of administration will the Government of Gujarat build an Urban Bhavan?

 Ans: – Gandhinagar

 23) In which city of Gujarat will a national level museum be set up highlighting the contribution of tribal leaders who played an important role in the national movement of freedom fighters and the culture of the tribes?

 Ans: – Rajpipla (Narmada)

 24) Which project has been implemented for breeding and conservation of lions in Gir and Greater Gir area?

 Ans: – Project Lion

 25) Which operation has been launched by the Government of India to remedy the fluctuations in the prices of potatoes, tomatoes and onions for the benefit of farmers and consumers?

 Ans: – Operation Greens

 26) Government of India has announced to open which school for tribal students in tribal district?

 Ans: – Eklavya Residential School

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