Important questions and answers for all exams

Important questions and answers for all exams

1) What type of habitat is a fish house?

 Ans: – Artificial

  2) What is the period of Haley’s comet?

 Ans: – 76 years

 3) Divide by centigrade by multiplying by centigrade, the amount you get is ….. adding Fahrenheit measure.

 Ans: – 9, 32

 4) Which part of the human body is affected by glucose?

 Ans: – Eye

 5) Which gas in air is used in photosynthesis?

 Ans: – Carbon dioxide

 6) What is the unit of refractive index?

 Ans: – Unitless

 7) Which color of light emits the most due to the atmosphere?

 Ans: – Blue

 8) Which device can be used to electrify water?

 Ans: – Voltmeter

 9) Which is the first member of saturated hydrocarbon?

 Ans: – Methane

 10) In an experiment showing the presence of starch, what color does a green leaf take when it is immersed in a dilute solution of iodine?

 Ans: – Blue

 11) What is the most commonly used method for disposal of Municipal Solid Waste?

 Ans: – Sanitary landfill

 12) What is the instrument working on the thermal effect of electric current?

 Ans: – Electric ironing

 13) What is the amount of oxygen in the air?

 Ans: – 20.96% (if answer is 21% write it)

 14) Which gas is used to make vegetable ghee from vegetable oil?

 Ans: – Hydrogen

 15) When is Diabetes Day celebrated to raise awareness and control diabetes?

 Ans: – 14, November

 16) Name another name for platelets.

 Ans: – Thrombocytes

 17) Name another name for rabies.

 Ans: – Hydrophobia

 18) How many excretions are there in each human kidney?

 Ans: – 10 lakhs

 19) In which direction do the positive ions of the solution move in the process of plating?

 Ans: – Positive pole

 20) Plantar wart disease is caused by which virus in swimming pool?

 Ans: – Virus in papilloma

 21) When was the Leprosy eradication announced by the Government of India by the year 2000?

 Ans: – 1980

 22) Light coming from which direction is more stable and effective?

 Ans: – North direction

 23) Which gas is used as preservative in fruit juices and jams?

 Ans: – SO2

 24) State the basic amounts

 Ans: – Length, force and temperature

 25) Increasing the temperature at constant pressure, solubility of ammonia in water ……………..

 Ans: – decreases.

 26) Aerosol A ……………….

 Ans: – Small solids or liquids are dissolved in gaseous form.

 27) Sound is used to detect cracks and defects in metal blocks.

 Ans: – Parasitic

 28) Kevlar’s trade name …….

 Ans: – Aramid fiber

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