Most Important Questions And Answer By Gujarat State Level

Most Important Questions And Answer By Gujarat State Level

1) Where is red dolomite marble found in Gujarat?

 Ans: – Chuchhapura

 2) Which lake on Pavagadh mountain was formed due to mantle eruption?

 Ans: – Milky lake

 3) What is the part of Sabarmati river which meets the Gulf of Khambhat called?

 Ans: – Kopali Bay

 4) Which place of Swaminarayan sect is located on Ghelo?

 Ans: – Gadha Swaminarayan

 5) Whose pilgrimage site Mahudi is located on the banks of which river? (Gandhinagar district)

 Ans: – Sabarmati

 6) Aliabet is an island formed at the mouth of which river?

 Ans: – Narmada

 7) In which district is the region known as Vagad?

 Ans: – Kutch

 8) Where does Gujarat Tourism Department organize Summer Festival every year?

 Ans: – Saputara

 9) The area known as Charotar is situated between which two rivers?

 Ans: – Mahi and Shedhi

 10) Where does the river Sabarmati originate from?

 Ans: – From Dhebar Sarovar in Rajasthan

 11) Wadhwan is situated on the banks of which river? (Surendranagar)

 Ans: – Enjoy

 12) Where is the Floorspar project located in Gujarat?

 Ans: – In Abadungar

 13) Ghogha port is located in which district?

 Ans: – Bhavnagar

 14) Where is Gopi Lake located?

 Ans: – Betdwarka

 15) Which city is famous for its Isbagul, Jiru and Variyali ganj?

 Ans: – Uza

 16) What is Salangpur famous for? (Botad District)

 Ans: – Hanumanji Temple

 17) Where is Indrada Park located?

 Ans: – Gandhinagar

 18) Kabirwad is located in which district?

 Ans: – Bharuch

 19) From which place in Bhavnagar district fossils of animals like elephants and horns of Prague history have been found?

 Ans: – Pirambet

 20) Dummus Pravasdham is in which district?

 Ans: – Surat

 21) In which district is the area called Panchal located?

 Ans: – Rajkot

 22) Which district of Gujarat is known as ‘Eucalyptus District’?

 Ans: – Bhavnagar

 23) What is Hathab known for? (Bhavnagar district)

 Ans: – Turtle Breeding Center

 24) Hemu Gadhvi Natyagriha is in which city?

 Ans: – Rajkot

 25) Hansaben Mehta Library is associated with which university?

 Ans: – Maharaja Sayajirao Uni

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