Poets and their compositions

 Poets and their compositions


      ❝ Poets and their compositions


 1) Prabhu Antaryami Jivan Jivana Deen Sharana

 Composition: Mahakavi Nanalal

 2) Someone pampered

 Composition: Zaverchand Meghani

 3) Rural mother

 Composition: Kalapi

 4) Sagar and Shashi

 Composition: Kant

 5) Gujare je shire taare jagat no nath te saheje

 Composition: Balashankar Kantharia

 6) Vaishnavajan, let’s call it

 Composition: Narasimha Mehta

 7) Janani’s partner will not be found, lol

 Composition: Damodardas Khushaldas Botadkar

 8) Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat

 Composition: Narmad

 9) Dhanya Ho Dhanya Saurashtra Dharani

 Composition: Tribhuvandas Gaurishankar Vyas

 10) Open the Mars Temple, Merciful

 Composition: Narasimha Rao Dwivedi

 11) Let’s do what we like, Gulal

 Composition: Makrand Dave

 12) Bhomiya vina mare bhamva’ta dungara

 Composition: Umashankar Joshi

 13) Slow down the slope of the hills

 Composition: Ramesh Parekh

 14) Ek j de spark

 Composition: Harihar Bhatt

 15) Wherever a Gujarati lives

 Composition: Beware

 16) This nabhi zukyu te kanji

 Composition: Priyakant Maniyar

 17) The path of Hari is the path of Shura

 Composition: Pritamdas

 18) Tarana Othe Dungar

 Composition: Dhiro Bhagat

 19) Kevadia’s thorn to us

 Composition: Rajendra Shah

 20) Do not go near dark color

 Composition: Dayaram

 21) Kaal Keri KD Ghadik Aapno Sang

 Composition: Niranjan Bhagat

 22) Govindo prana amaro re

 Composition: Mirambai

 23) Fifty three than Tilak

 Composition: Akho

 24) The port is far away

 Composition: Sundarji Betai

 25) Charan-Kanya

 Composition: Zaverchand Meghani

 26) My Kesarbhi’s Kanth is Sidhavoji Ranwat

 Composition: Mahakavi Nanalal

 27) Praniya bhaji lene kirtar

 Composition: Bhojo Bhagat

 28) Rain soaks

 Composition: Ramesh Parekh

 29) Believe in blind paper

 Composition: Indulal Gandhi

 30) Intelligence as opposed to destruction

 Composition: Bulakhiram

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