Some wonderful shares of Gujarati literature …..

 Some wonderful shares of Gujarati literature …..

1) My personality was forgotten behind me that way The finger came out of the water and the place was filled. 

Ans: – Ojas Palanpuri 

2) God is impatient to give you everything, Are you standing with a spoon to ask for the sea? 

Ans: – Anil Chawda 

3) You sent me into the world, Under the pretext of death, this returns. 

Ans: – Patient

4) Jiva is still in the jawbone, Jaat Kabira is torn. 

Ans: – Chandresh Makwana 

5) If you have nothing, leave it, If you have everything, leave it. 

Ans: – Rajesh Vyas ‘Miskin’ 

6) There is not a single ladder in the abyss or in the sea, This does not mean that no one is traveling. 

Ans: – Rajesh Vyas ‘Miskin’ 

7) This is what I understand after arriving here, Nobody does anything, all this happens. 

Ans: – Rajendra Shukla

8) I go to the palace of moments and, If Coke closes the door! 

Ans: – Chinu Modi 

9) How can I live without remembering you, Can eyelids ever stay without filling the pot? 

Ans: – Manhar Modi 

10) Autumn continues to fall The leaf was affected by the leaf. 

Ans: – Udayan Thakkar 

12) I saved the breath by ironing, If you have to go somewhere unexpected! 

Ans: – Anil Chawda

13) In what omen the mountain would have given farewell, The river does not return from the real house. 

Ans: – Jalan Matri 

14) Don’t insist on coming home, No house otherwise i won’t let you 

Ans: – Khalil Dhantejvi 

15) I was lucky to find the words in your town Java, If you take a step and run, it will take years. 

Ans: – Manoj Khanderia 

16) Don’t be afraid to look at my anger, Flower stains never fall. 

Ans: – Chinu Modi

17) Sorry for the mistake, friends. If the tongue is crushed, the teeth will not be broken. 

Ans: – Anil Chawda 

18) I left to worry, A boat like water. 

Ans: – Bhavesh Bhatt 

19) Don’t throw cigarettes on the road like this, brother. In this country, shoes have holes at the bottom. 

Ans: – Bhavin Gopani 

20) Alas, how many have met me, Ghalib did not get to read my shares. 

Ans: – Bharat Vinzuda 

21) Samp mati karyo to brit thay, If a pile of bricks was found, the wall collapsed. 

Ans: – Anil Chawda 

22) What is the need for proof of faith? Nowhere in the Qur’an is the signature of the Prophet. 

Ans: – Jalan Matri

23) Badho aadhar hai ena jati velana jova par, Evidence of love not found in Milan. 

Ans: – Patient 

24) Understood the philosophy of living life, The happiness that was finally understood in such a life. 

Ans: – Patient 

25) By what method is the imprisonment of stone broken? Does Kumpal have a Kumli hammer? 

Ans: – Udayan Thakkar 

26) I came to the temple and spoke at the gate, Don’t take off your shoes, just take off your shoes. 

Ans: – Gaurang Thackeray 

27) Jat janavanu tane ke hai ajab aatavar, One moment is you and one moment is yours Remembrance. 

Ans: – Rajendra Shukla

28) You don’t have time and I don’t have time, Who said there is no romance between us. 

Ans: – Bapubhai Gadhvi 

29) cried ‘befam’ all over my death for the same reason, I was the only one who did not attend the occasion. 

Ans: – Barkat Virani ‘Befam’ 

30) The difference is the same, about you and me, Jahid! You live by thinking, I live by thinking 

Ans: – Amrut Ghayal 

31) On the evening of my life, I wanted to see a list of injuries, Could see very few pages were very personal names. 

Ans: – Sof Palanpuri

32) You say the tears are gone, I say life is washed away. 

Ans: – Probably 

33) Let me fill my head with the dust of my homeland ‘Adil’, Alas, this dust will not be found for ages.

Ans: – Adil Mansoori 

34) Just, thanks so much for the plight, The ones I meet are the wisest. 

Ans: – Patient 

35) Drink the juice of life soon ‘sick’, One is less alcohol, the other is swallowing jam. 

Ans: – Patient 

36) The evening before time was discovered I found the wait you know? 

Ans: – Mukul Choksi

37) Seeing the palm of the hand, the rooster of the sun said, There are many ups and downs in your destiny. 

Ans: – Udayan Thakkar 

38) ‘Patients’ do not like this debauchery at the time of death, I stay in bed and the whole house wakes up. 

Ans: – Patient 

39) As the days go by, they need to go to Milan: He will take me by the hand, now the enemies are to my relatives. 

Ans: – Gani Dahiwala 

40) Since that person is looking for something, The whole world has been protesting ever since. 

Ans: – Anil Chawda 

41) Zindagi no e j sachosach padgho che gani, Hoy na vyakti ne enu naam bolaya kare. 

Ans: – Gani Dahiwal I

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