Today’s Important Current Affairs (21/06/2081)

Today’s Important Current Affairs (21/06/2081) 

Important day

 Theme of ‘International Ethnic Discrimination Eradication Day’ (March 21) of the year 2021 – “Youth standing up against racism”

 Theme of ‘International Forest Day 2021’ (March 21) of the year 2021 – “Forest Restoration: A Path to Recovery and Well-Being”.

 International Navroz Day (Start of new Parsi year) – 21st March

 World Down Syndrome (or Trisomy) Day – March 21

 World Poetry Day – March 21


 A Naval Reconnaissance Squadron of Goa based Indian Navy celebrating its Diamond Jubilee on 21 March 2021 – Indian Naval Air Squadron (INAS) 310 “The Cobra”

 According to the ‘2021 World Air Forces Report’ published by the ‘Flight International’ organization, the country that has the world’s largest military aircraft fleet – United States (second place: Russia)


 United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Reversion – 2021-2030

 Global initiative launched by 24 countries and the European Union during the Paris Agreement at the COP21 gathering on 30 November 2015, which focuses on clean energy research, development and demonstration to accelerate clean energy research – Mission Innovations (innovation campaign)

 India’s position in the list of ‘World Anand Report 2021’ published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network – 139

 According to ‘United Nations World Anand Report 2021’, the happiest country in the world – Finland (followed by Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Norway)

 On 20 March 2021, __ withdrew from the ‘Istanbul Convention on the Rights of Women’, which aims to protect women from violence – Turkey

 The national

 , In association with the British High Commission, released a book titled “Handbook on Ethics for Insolvency Professionals: Ethical and Regulatory Framework” – The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)

 As of 20 March 2021, a total of _ states have completed the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ reforms set by the Department of Expenditure – 20

 __ approved land acquisition policy on the basis of ‘Value Holding Finance’ (VCF, which is a type of public financing) – National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)

 ___ organized the 11th ‘India Corporate Governance and Sustainability Scenario Summit’ in Kolkata on 19 March 2021 – Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

 Thermo Fisher Scientific (American company) signed an MoU with the National University of Forensic Sciences (NFSU) to set up a center called “NFSU- Thermo Fisher Scientific Center of Excellence for DNA Forensics” – Gandhinagar, Gujarat

 __ launched a month-long campaign called “Bring Plastic, Mask Pao” to create awareness about plastic collection and recycling – Central Railway, Mumbai

 Particular person

 The new chairman of the Council of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for the financial year 2021-22 – Nihar N. Zambusaria

 Archana Sharma (Social Worker) – recipient of ‘World Happiness Award 2021’ announced by World Happiness Foundation (US) and United Nations University for Peace

 State specific

 This state government released the ‘Journalist Welfare Fund’ on 20 March 2021 – Karnataka

 This state government has announced that it is going to establish three Provincial Armed Sepoys (PAC) women contingents in the name of these three women warriors – Rani Avantibai Lodhi, Udha Devi and Jhalkari Bai – Uttar Pradesh

 Science of knowledge

 Launched on 20 March 2021 to collect junk into space and the world’s first satellite to use a magnet made by a Japanese company called Astroscale – “ELSA-d”

 Common Sense

 Denmark – Capital: Copenhagen; Currency: Danish krone

 Djibouti – Capital: Djibouti; Currency: Djibouti Franc

 Dominica – Capital: Roseau; Currency: East Caribbean Dollar

 Ecuador – Capital: Quito; Currency: US Dollar

 Egypt – Capital: Cairo; Currency: Egyptian Pound

 Eritrea – Capital: Asmara; Currency: nakfa

 Estonia – Capital: Tallinn; Currency: Euro

 Ethiopia – Capital: Addis Ababa; Currency: Birr

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