Useful important questions and answers for all exams 2021

Useful important questions and answers for all exams 2021

1. What is the maximum penalty for a first class magistrate criminal offense?

  Answer: 10,000

 2. Where is the Permanent House? 

 Answer: Rajya Sabha

 3. Which plant contains chlorophyll? 

 Answer: Lil

 4. What is the gland that produces sweat in the body?

 Answer: Sweat gland

 5. Which acid is present in yogurt?

 Answer: Lactic

 6. With whom are Kushinagar and Lubini associated?

 Answer: Lord Buddha

 7. With which country did India sign an agreement to develop a tea port?

 Answer: Iran

 8. What is the minimum age to be President?

 Answer: 35 years

 9. Where was India’s first SEZ established?

 Ans: Kandla (Free Trade Area)

 10. What is the constitutionally valid language?

 Answer: 22

 11. What type of trees are found in Mansav forests in Gujarat?

 Answer: Chair

 12. Who gave military training to Shivaji?

 Answer: Grandpa Konddev

 13. Pulicat Sarovar is located in which state? Answer: Tamil Nadu

 14. Energy sector mobile app is associated with which sector?

 Ans: Urban electricity

 15. Is there any provision in the CRPC regarding anticipatory bail?

 Answer: 438

 16. What is the sum of the first 100 natural numbers?

 Answer: 5050

 17. How many rights of Indian citizens are given in the Indian Constitution?

 Answer: 6

 18. When did the Indian Evidence Act come into force?

 Answer: March 15, 1972

 19. Accident is mentioned in which section of IPC?

 Answer: Section 80

 20. Which gas leaked in Bhopal gas scandal?

 Answer: Methyl iso cyanate

 21. Which gland regulates temperature in human body?

 Answer: Hypothalamus gland

 22. Who established the horn dynasty?

 Ans: Pushmitra horn

 23. Where is the only game reserve of Gujarat located?

 Answer: Chhari Dhandh (Kutch)

 24. How many years of imprisonment is provided in summons case?

 Answer: Two years

 25. Which cover is suitable for radio broadcasting?

 Ans: Heating

 27. How many times in a day do the two hands in a clock meet?

 Answer: 11

 28 What is a folder in a folder called?

 Answer: Subdirectory

 29. Who gave the psychological theory?

 Answer: Simon Foyed

 30. Mangalyan’s photo is on which currency note?

 Answer: Rs.

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