Useful Update Budget Highlights

Useful Update Budget Highlights

Budget Highlights:

 The Indian stock market boosted the budget

 Enthusiasm in the market from the budget, the Sensex rose 2000 points

 * No change in Incometax slab

 * No tax relief to the working class

 * 2.5 per cent customs duty will be levied on mobile parts

 * Mobile phones are likely to become more expensive

 * Mobiles and chargers will be expensive

 * Gold-silver likely to be cheaper

 * Reduced customs duty on steel by 7.5 per cent

 * Increased custom duty on autoparts

 * Iron-steel will be cheaper

 * Big announcement for senior citizens above 75 years

 * No more income tax for 75 year olds

 * Tax exemption only for pensioners, senior citizens

 * Extended relief for 1 year for cheap building

 * Starchup tax exemption till 31st March 2022

 * Exemption on home loan till the year 2022

 * Mission Nutrition 2.0 will be launched

 * Allocation of Rs 2,23,849 crore for health

 * Amrut Yojana will be taken forward in the city under Bharat Mission.

 * Rs 2,87,000 crore will be allocated for Amrut Yojana

 * 35 thousand crore advertisement for corona vaccine

 * More emphasis will be placed on health this year

 * There will be a scrap policy for older vehicles

 * Under a self-sufficient India, farmers’ income will double

 * Health and infrastructure budgets will be increased

 * 7 textile parks will be built

 * 1.03 lakh crore for Tamil Nadu National Highway project, which will include economic corridors

 * National highway worth Rs 65,000 crore will also be constructed in Kerala

 * Mumbai-Kanyakumari Economy Corridor announced

 * Announcement of Kolkata-Siliguri National Highway Project in West Bengal

 * Allocation of 1 lakh 10 thousand 55 crore to Railways

 * Vista Dome coaches will be built on the railways

 * National Rail Plan 2030 ready

 * Customers will get the option to choose the power company

 * Implemented public bus transport system at a cost of Rs 18000 crore

 * Major reforms were made in the energy sector, with a Rs 3 lakh crore scheme announced in the power sector

 * Announcing the creation of a hydrogen plant

 * Projects in the energy sector will be completed under the PPP model

 * Gas ​​pipeline project to be started in Jammu and Kashmir

 * One crore more beneficiaries will be connected under Ujjawala scheme

 * FDI in the insurance sector can now be up to 74 per cent, earlier it was 49 per cent

 * Creating a charter for investors will be announced

 * Air India will be sold by the government

 * LIC’s IPO will come this year

 * Tax audit limit has been increased from Rs 5 crore to Rs 10 crore.

 * 3 year old pending tax case will not be opened. Only in serious cases will a 10 year old case be opened.

 * NRIs will be exempted from audit.

 Customers will now be able to choose the power distributor of their choice

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